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12 Emerging Brands Melding Style With Sustainability

پی سی نیوز - د., 04/22/2019 - 17:07

A growing number of young brands are putting sustainability at the center of their business models. As part of WWD’s special Earth Day coverage, here are 12 emerging green designers:

1. Ali Grace

Background: Grace, a New York City-based jewelry designer, has been handmaking jewelry from the age of eight, selling to luxury retailer A’maree’s by the age of 13.

Aesthetic: Handcrafted in New York, each style reflects a hybrid urban/coastal aesthetic, with sculptural, organic textures expressed in clean metals.

Sustainable goals: Continue to manufacture locally in New York and to continue down a path of “no new mining,” even as the business grows employing all recycled metals that have already been developed and repurposed.

Achievements to date: Sculptural treasures made of recycled 14-karat gold and sterling silver and ethically mined diamonds and gemstones, sold at luxury stores including Barneys and A’maree.

Advice for others: “Be prepared to work hard and pour your heart into your brand. Constantly challenge yourself. Remain true to you and your vision. Know your audience.“

Sustainability hero or role model: Stella McCartney.

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Getting products in front of stores that appreciate sustainable goods.

2. Matek, Abigail Stern

Background: Abigail Stern grew up in Westport, Conn., Studied at CU Boulder and Parsons for fashion design, worked for Kassia+Surf, Asics, Nike and NikeLab before launching Matek in November of 2018.

Aesthetic: Honoring the heritage and attitude of the snow sport world and mountain culture while incorporating the technological advances in materials.

Sustainable goals: To be as thoughtful as possible in sourcing and ensuring eco-friendly products. In the year ahead: finding better ways to reduce shipping waste, explore nearshore and offshore manufacturing as forced migration and economic refugees face critical issues, provide gainful employment at a livable wage to workers in neighboring countries, and encourage investment in fabric mills in Central America capable of producing technical fabrics from recyclable materials. Spreading the word to consumers on how these are not just fabric choices but choices for a better future.

Achievements to date: Matek has been produced locally in California since Day One, utilizes sustainable packaging with water-soluble hang tags and is a corporate member and supporter of Protect Our Winters. It also uses materials like Repreve recycled nylon jersey and buttons made from palm tree nuts.

Advice for others: “Follow what excites you, learn as much as you can and ask one million questions.”

Sustainability hero or role model: Greta Thunberg.

3. Cie denim, Kelcie Schofield

Background: Schofield, an Atlanta, Ga., native, grew up vintage shopping and now resides and designs in New York City.

Aesthetic: Sleek and funky, clean and edgy, vintage yet modern.

Sustainable goals: Design with eco-friendly fabrics and continue to push the boundaries with recycled fabrics.

Achievements to date: Receiving a design patent on upside-down shorts.

Advice for others: “Make a business plan!”

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Making sustainability affordable. “It’s easy to cut corners, it’s not easy to make things right.”

4. Ookioh, Vivek Agarwal

Background: Vivek Agarwal was born and brought up in India. After pursuing his undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University in mechanical engineering, he returned to India and worked in the iron and steel manufacturing sector for a few years. In 2017, he decided to pursue a childhood dream of being in the fashion industry.

Aesthetics: Modern swimwear with a splash of nostalgia.

Sustainable goals: Short term: Move beyond fabrics and use recycled/upcycled products for packaging; go plastic-free in the next three years. Long term: Take a holistic approach to inspired outlook with responsibility toward the planet, scale enough to move production to the U.S.A. to reduce overall carbon footprint, and partner with organizations to raise the issues plaguing the industry.

Achievements to date: Building an all-women-led team (aside from himself), from the warehouse personnel to web site developer, designer, photographer, etc. Uses 100 percent post-consumer waste polyamide yarn/regenerated waste materials, including fishing nets, fluff, and rigid textiles, among others.

Advice for others: “Don’t shy away from asking for help. Especially within this ‘sustainable community,’ people are passionate about the cause and more willing to offer advice and help.”

Sustainability hero or role models: Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman, Marina Testino.

Biggest challenge/ hurdle to surmount: Achieving scale to be able to offer more to the customer and invest in creating awareness while competing against mass-retail behemoths.

5. For Days, Kristy Caylor

Background: Engineering, painting, design at Gap and Maiyet. For Days currently has a waitlist of about 3,500 aspiring members.

Aesthetic: Clean, authentic, versatile.

Sustainable goals: Minimizing clothing waste.

Achievements to date: Recognized by the Voss Foundation as a Women Helping Women honoree; appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Consumerism in 2016; invited to speak on the SXSW 2018 panel “Sustainability or Bust: The Future of Brands;” and named one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas in 2018.

Saved 4.4M gallons of water. Saved over 28,000 pounds of C02. Diverted 18,000 pounds from landfill.

Advice for others: “Make better life choices one at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with perfection. Sustainability is about incremental improvement and doing better daily.“

Sustainability hero or role model: Patagonia.

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Building technology to support a closed loop future.

6. GaryGraham422, Gary Graham

Background: After attending art school in the late Eighties, Gary Graham worked between fashion and theater with J Morgan Puett, and assisted Julie Taymor with textiles for “The Lion King” before launching his namesake label.

Aesthetic: The designer uses antique coverlets, overshot weavings, tapestries, in addition to re-creating with a local mill a damask from Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield.

Sustainable Goals: “If we can create successful companies without end goals of having the company making a public offering I think there might be hope for the future. What is enough? It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves and one I constantly struggle with.”

Achievements to date: After designing his namesake label for over 20 years in New York City, launching a new brand which uses antique and vintage textiles and local mills to design limited-run garments with “labor card” hang tags noting the hours and people who worked on each garment. The upcoming GG422 store, opening May 25, will be located below his studio/factory with a live video feed to bring awareness to the design process.

Sustainability role model: Natalie Chanin

Biggest challenges/hurdles: To be able to create and produce an amount that allows his company to exist and thrive without diluting the product or creative aspects.

7. Germanier, Kevin Germanier

Background: Kevin Germanier, 27, is a Swiss designer who studied women’s wear at Central Saint Martins, worked as a junior designer at Louis Vuitton and expanded his side business into his full fledged ready-to-wear collection which debuted during in Paris in 2018.

Aesthetic: Sustainable glamour inspired by haute couture and the future (video games, the digital world).

Sustainable goals: To be 100 percent sustainable by improving over time, as Germanier believes sustainability is not a trend or goal.

Achievements to date: Using 100 percent ethical and upcycled materials: pearls, rocks, tulle, cotton, plastic thread.

Advice for others: “Work hard, stay humble.”

Sustainability role models: Christina Dean from Redress, Orsola de Castro, Alexandre Capelli, Guillaume Delacroix.

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Production.

8. Gypsy Sport, Rio Uribe

Background: Rio Uribe is a Mexican designer from Los Angeles with a passion for DIY and upcycling.

Aesthetic: Gypsy Sport is reconstructed ready-to-wear made of repurposed materials for all body types with chainmail, crochet, and denim as go-to materials.

Sustainable goals: A “zero waste” business practice.

Achievements to date: Uribe is currently working with brands like Levi’s and Swarovski to upcycle their damaged or irregular inventory. He uses fabric scraps for small accessories and byproducts to minimize waste and carbon footprint.

Advice for others: “Avoid shopping from fast-fashion companies as much as possible. And try to repurpose or donate your old clothes, instead of throwing them in the trash.”

Sustainability hero or role model and why: Pharrell Williams, specifically for Bionic Yarn.

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Convincing people that sustainable fashion can be cool, and not the stigma that it is “crunchy hippie clothes or scratchy and uncomfortable.” Influencing consumers away from cheap mass-produced brands and toward eco-friendly brands.

9. Maggie Marilyn

Background: At 21, Maggie Marilyn started her namesake brand in New Zealand, straight out of university, with a mission to change the game in sustainability and make a positive difference in the industry.

Aesthetic: Strong femininity, optimistic, empowering.

Sustainable goals: To leverage design as a problem-solving tool. “It is my goal for Maggie Marilyn to be a brand that is not only beautiful but transparent, accountable, circular and empowering. Our goal is to have a regenerative impact. To leave the world a better place than we found it. “

Achievements to date: Last year, the brand changed plastic dispatch packagings to biodegradable cassava root ComPlast bags, donated 5 percent of gross profits to a New Zealand charitable organization that support families experiencing the impact of mental illness and most recently completed a 2020 sustainability strategy with 14 goals that align with the United Nations Sustainability goals.

Advice for others: “Do something! Anything! We all have the power to make a difference, don’t think that because you are one person, you can’t ignite change or that your government will solve these problems for you. Because the only way we can rebuild this industry is by working together! We have one generation to save our planet, what happens 50 years, 100 years from now will be entirely up to what we do now.”

Sustainability hero or role model: David Wallace-Wells, author of “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming,” Ellen MacArthur

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Figuring out baseline carbon emissions from a holistic approach, work towards goal of being carbon zero, radical supply chain transparency, economies of scale, question around the cost of sustainable fabrics — high prices lower the possibilities of how to make sustainable fashion accessible and not elitist. Help retailers understand their position in rebuilding the industry and educate consumers on being more conscious consumers.

10. Mother of Pearl No Frills, Amy Powney

Background: Powney grew up in northwest England, studied fashion design and began working as an assistant at Mother of Pearl almost 14 years ago before owning and creatively directing the business today.

Aesthetic: Classic but never boring.

Sustainable goals: A global shift in ownership and consumption (from fashion to food, etc.) at both personal and big-bigness levels.

Achievements to date: Launching a sustainable line last year after three years of work into sourcing supply chains. Working with the BBC Earth team recently to create content that was viewed by almost one million people.

Advice for others: “Sustainability is a mindset across every element of your life, if you think before you do then often you can make better choices. Change your energy supplier to a renewable supplier, buy a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, take a bag with you wherever you go. Eat less meat and buy local and direct from the farmer if you can. It’s not only about buying better, it’s about buying less.”

Sustainability hero or role model: Sir David Attenborough.

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: Educating and inspiring within a world of greenwashing.

11. YanYan, Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung

Background: Two 10-plus year industry veterans, Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung, who wanted to start their own premium knitwear line, inspired by their childhoods in Hong Kong.

Aesthetic: Quirky, emotional, timeless, modern.

Sustainable goals: Reducing waste with factory partners by using leftover materials from previous projects, putting in smart, efficient design and production processes to help reduce final cost and environmental impact for the customer. Sustainability from a human standpoint is also important — factory workers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions.

Achievements to date: Selling out styles designed from leftover materials, which otherwise would have gone to the landfill but were given new life and made customers happy.

Advice for others: “Follow your instincts! Sometimes your gut tells you to do something before you know why, but if something feels wrong, there is probably a reason. Use common sense, and have empathy for everyone you work with. Remember there’s another human working on the other side of that email.”

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount: “We’re a very small company — it’s literally just the two of us — so we really rely on the collaborative efforts of our factory, and our press and sales reps. We’re thankful that we get to connect with our customers on such personal level, so we try to be honest and transparent when we make a mistake. We hope that good quality, honesty and sincerity will translate to our customer.”

12. Cecilia Hammarborg

Background: From Linkoping, Sweden, Hammarborg studied agriculture and horsemanship before moving to London, where she studied fashion design at East London University.

Aesthetic: True Scandinavian style — clean lines and neat tailoring.

Sustainable goals: “You make your own rules, I try to work in an ethical manner in my manufacturing process, choosing to do fashion comes with guilt, sustainability is the key for me.”

Achievements to date? Hammarborg sources high-quality wool from a mill in Italy that has developed new technology to produce fabric made of at least 65 percent recycled material, lowering environmental impact measured on the production cycle, on the basis of water, energy and carbon dioxide consumption. Local sourcing and manufacturing also leads to a reduction in transport emissions.

Sustainability role models: Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Marie-Claire Daveu and organizations such as Fashion For Good and Bestseller

Biggest challenge/hurdle to surmount? I’m feeling quite uneasy calling myself an ethical brand, there is so much more we can do to be better. To be truly sustainable and ethical you need to find earth regenerative solutions — the environmental benefits of alpaca, llama, mohair and wool can be sustainable and have positive impact when produced through grazing on lands managed by carbon farming and processed through regional supply chains. This is a very exciting project and I am looking forward to learning more.

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درگاه پرداخت آنلاین هک شد

  سیستم پرداخت آنلاین PayPal به تازگی قابلیت جدیدی را به پلتفرم خود افزوده تا بتواند به صورت کاملاً خودکار، بدافزارهای احتمالی در این سیستم را شناسایی کند.   به گزارش ایسنا، با توجه به آنکه نفوذ هکرها و مجرمان سایبری و انتشار بدافزارهای خطرناک رایانه‌ای به سیستم‌های مختلف در سراسر جهان روندی رو به افزایش داشته است، بسیاری از شرکت‌های توسعه دهنده اپلیکیشن و درگاه‌های پرداخت اینترنتی و همچنین سایر سرویس‌های آنلاین درصدد هستند تا با بهره‌گیری از فناوری‌های نوین و پیشرفته، نفوذ بدافزارهای خطرناک به اطلاعات و حریم خصوصی کاربران را به حداقل رسانده و از هک و حملات سایبری در سرویس‌های توسعه داده شده خود جلوگیری به عمل بیاورند.   حالا به تازگی به نظر می‌رسد که درگاه پرداخت آنلاین PayPal با همکاری شرکت‌های فعال در حوزه تکنولوژی قصد دارد امنیت سایبری این سرویس محبوب برای پرداخت‌های آنلاین و اینترنتی در جهان را به میزان قابل توجهی افزایش داده تا بدین ترتیب رضایت کاربرانش را نیز به خود جلب کند و اقدام مثبت و سازنده‌ای در جهت افزایش امنیت سایبری و حفاظت از حریم خصوصی آنها انجام دهد.   بر اساس گزارش وب سایت زد دی نت، گفته می‌شود در صورت اعمال قابلیت مذکور و بهره‌گیری از فناوری‌های نوین مربوطه در این سیستم، هرگونه بدافزار یا عامل ناشناخته و مشکوکی که قصد نفوذ به حساب بانکی و سرقت اطلاعات هویتی و مالی مندرج در کارت‌های اعتباری کاربران این درگاه پرداخت آنلاین را داشته باشد، به صورت کاملاً خودکار و اتوماتیک شناسایی شده و با گسترش و نفوذ آن مقابله می‌شود.
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پروژکتور F1 ایسوس، سریع مثل F1

      ایسوس بزرگترین برند تولید کننده سخت افزار تایوان از پروژکتور LED خود به نام F1 رونمایی کرد. بدون شک با مشاهده این پروژکتور هم از لحاظ طراحی هم از نظر کاربرد، انقلابی در پروژکتور ها را شاهد هستیم.   برترین برند تولید کننده قطعات در تایوان بار دیگر توانست با پروژکتور LED FullHD خود تمام نگاه ها را به خود جلب کند.   هر آنچه از یک پروژکتور انتظار دارید   F1 با لنزی تماما شیشه ای از نوع short-throw از بهترین ابزار برای نمایش تصاویر از فاصله نزدیک روی سطح مورد نظر می باشد به طوری که می تواند از فاصله 3.7 متری ، تصویر 210 اینچی را به نمایش بگذارد و در فضاهای کوچک تصاویری بزرگ و با کیفیت در اختیار کاربر قرار دهد.  این پروژکتور با وجود دوربینی در خود، لنز Auto focus جهت تنظیم فوکوس خودکار و رزولوشن 1920X1080 می تواند تصویری بدون وقفه  و تاری به همراه تجربه خارق العاده استفاده از پروژکتور هارا در اختیار کاربر قرار دهد.   پروژکتور F1 علاوه بر نمایش تصاویری فوق العاده، دارای  ویژگی های منحصر به فرد طراحی نیز است به طوری که دارای حفره های خروجی و بلندگو با شبکه فلزی است که می تواند در بهینه سازی خروجی گرمایی و صوتی این پروژکتور کمک کند همچنین این پروژکتور دارای نورپردازی زیبای AURA RGB نیز است که تجربه جالبی از کاربا پروژکتور در اختیار کاربر قرار می دهد.   لمس هیجان با نمایش زیبای رنگ ها و صدای فوق العاده   پروژکتور F1 دارای منبع نوری از نوع RGB LED و دارای شدت خروجی نور مناسب 1200 لومن و پوشش فضای رنگی NTSC صد درصدی است که سبب نمایش تصاویری روشن تر، شفاف تر همچنین نمایش عالی ویدیو و تجربیات بازی خارق العاده ای را فراهم می سازد.   این پروژکتور دارای 2 اسپیکر استریو 3 وات و ساب ووفر 8 وات می باشد که در کنار تکنولوژی صدای Harman Kardon® صدای 2.1 کاناله فوق العاده ای را برای این پروژکتور به ارمغان می آورد.   راه اندازی و استفاده آسان   استفاده از این پروژکتور بسیار ساده است، F1 برای تنظیم جهات تا +30 درجه ای، جهات افقی و عمودی را به طور خودکار تنظیم کرده و این تنظیم زاویه خودکار، به پروژکتور اجازه قرارگیری در مکانی غیر از وسط پرده نمایش را می دهد تا بتواند تصاویری واضح درصورت استفاده در زوایای غیر مستقیم بدون اعجاج در تصویر را فراهم آورد.   همچنین این پروژکتور با سنسور فوکوس خودکار فاصله بین پروژکتور و سطح مورد نمایش را اندازه گرفته تا بهترین تصویر را در اختیار کاربر قرار دهد علاوه بر این F1 دارای یک استند تنظیم ارتفاع دو لبه و یک کنترل از راه دور برای راحتی استفاده هرچه بیشتر نیز می باشد.   این پروژکتور دارای تنوع درگاه های اتصالی مناسب از جمله : دو درگاه HDMI، یک درگاه VGA و یک درگاه USB-A می باشد، علاوه بر این قابلیت اتصال بی سیم از طریق وای فای با گجت های موبایلی نیز فراهم آورده شده است تا کاربر هیچ گونه خلعی برای ارتباط با این پروژکتور را حس نکند.    
دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات

ادعای اوبر مبنی بر رفع مشکل ترمز دوچرخه‌های اجاره‌ای


«راشل کوبلر-وبر» در حال راندن یکی از دوچرخه‌های برقی اجاره‌ای سرویس Jump بود که پس از حدود 15 دقیقه به صورت ناخودآگاه چرخ جلوی دوچرخه قفل شد و او از بالای فرمان به زمین پرتاب شد.

به گزارش گروه اخبار خارجی آژانس خبری فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات (ایستنا)، کوبلر-وبر در این خصوص گفت: «به محض اینکه ترمز گرفتم این اتفاق افتاد. من به سختی توانستم دستگیره ترمز را فشار دهم. زمین خوردن من به قدری شدید بود که می‌توان آن را مشابه برخورد با یک دیوار آجری دانست». از این اتفاق باعث شکستگی مچ دست خانم کوبلر-وبر شد به دیگر قسمت‌های بدن او نیز ضربات نسبتا شدید وارد شد و سمت چپ بدن او به طور کامل کبود شد. او از این اتفاق چندین تصویر را در شبکه اجتماعی فیسبوک منتشر کرد.

سرویس دوچرخه‌های اجاره‌ای Jump یکی از زیرمجموعه‌های شرکت بزرگ اوبر محسوب می‌شود و در آن صدها دستگاه دوچرخه برقی در ده‌ها شهر مختلف اروپا و آمریکا به صورت اجاره‌ای در اختیار مردم قرار می‌گیرد. این دوچرخه‌های قرمز نام تجاری شرکت ژاپنی Shimano را روی بدنه خود شامل می‌شوند که این شرکت در اصل رقیب اصلی کمپانی Lyft محسوب می‌شود. کمپانی Lyft از طریق شعبه Motivate خود سیستم دوچرخه‌های اشتراکی را در شهرهای مختلف جهان ارایه کرده است.

شرکت Lyft این هفته مجبور شد هزاران دستگاه دوچرخه برقی خود را در شهرهای نیویورک، واشنتگن و سانفرانسیسکو جمع‌آوری کند که این اتفاق به دنبال بروز مشکل در سیستم ترمز دوچره‌ها و قفل شدن چرخ‌ جلوی آنها صورت گرفت. اوبر به خوبی از این مسئله مطلع است که سیستم مشابه Lyft را مورد استفاده قرار می‌دهد، ولی در بیانیه‌های خود ادعا کرده است که اختلال موجود در این سیستم ترمز را رفع کرده است. لازم به ذکر است نخستین بار روزنامه واشنگتن پست مشکل موجود در سیستم ترمز دوچرخه‌های اوبر را گزارش داد.

تاکنون چندین کاربر که از دوچرخه‌های Lyft استفاده می‌کنند داستان‌های مشابه مربوط به تصادف‌ها و آسیب‌دیدگی‌های خود را به اشتراک گذاشته‌اند. با ین وجود گزارش‌های کمتری در مورد خرابی دوچرخه‌های Jump اوبر به گوش رسیده است. در مجموع می‌توان گفت تنها 3 گزارش مربوط به خراب  و تصادف با دوچرخه‌های Jump روی شبکه‌های اجتماعی به اشتراک گذاشته شده است.


دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات

Wardrobe Teams Up With Gregory Hotel in New York

پی سی نیوز - ش., 04/20/2019 - 17:07

Wardrobe, the peer-to-peer digital marketplace to rent women’s and men’s clothing and accessories from people’s closets, has struck a fashion and sustainability partnership with The Gregory Hotel in New York. This is the first hotel partnership launch for Wardrobe.

The way it works is prior or during a stay at The Gregory at 42 West 35th Street, hotel guests can reserve items from the Wardrobe app, and the items will be delivered to them at their hotel room for the duration of their stay. After wearing, they can leave it in the hotel closet or with the concierge. The partnership begins Monday.

Asked why they decided to partner with Wardrobe, Yaniv Packin general manager of The Gregory, said,  “As a sustainably minded hotel, this partnership with Wardrobe was an exciting opportunity to be a first mover in the industry and offer our guests an unforgettable experience during their stay. As a hotel we are trying to showcase more sustainable and mindful ideas from hosting an Earth Day event with @insteadofmovement and hosting mindful events including a gallery featuring the work of jewelry designer Ariana Ost.”

Adarsh Alphons, chief executive officer and founder of Wardrobe, added, “We hope to learn a lot from this pilot and take its findings to potentially change the way we travel, globally.”

As reported, Wardrobe’s mobile platform, which was launched in December, is available on the App Store and allows users to rent out pieces from their own closet that they rarely wear to other users. Wardrobe has partnerships with 40 environmentally friendly dry cleaners in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The way it generally works is users can pick up or drop off their rented items at these Wardrobe Hubs. The partnership, with Next Cleaners, the city’s largest GreenEarth dry cleaner, allows for a consistent experience and doesn’t rely on items being packaged or mailed. Each piece is guaranteed clean, and users aren’t required to meet face-to-face to exchange.

Among the brands on Wardrobe that are available for booking are Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Comme des Garçons, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Givenchy, as well as sustainable ones such as Livari.

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نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی احیا می‌شود

با تصمیم بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای، سه رویداد جشنواره بازی‌های ویدیویی، TGC و کنفرانس تحقیقات بازی‌های دیجیتال یک سال متوقف شده و به جای آنها نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی برگزار می‌شود.   یکی از درخواست‌های بازی‌سازان در سال‌های گذشته برگزاری نمایشگاه صنعت بازی‌های ویدیویی به طور مستقل بود. البته در قالب الکامپ یا نمایشگاه رسانه‌های دیجیتال، بخش‌هایی به عنوان بازی‌های ویدیویی وجود داشت ولی هیچ کدام نتوانست جای خالی نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی را پر کند.   بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای در سال های گذشته تلاش کرد با تامین بودجه، هفته بازی‌های ویدیویی را در ایران برگزار کرده که بخشی از آن نمایشگاه B2B تی‌جی‌سی و بخش دیگر آن نمایشگاه باشد. اما کمبود بودجه سبب شد این رویا هیچ وقت محقق نشود.   امسال به نظر می‌رسد بنیاد راهکار جدیدی را در پیش گرفته و با توقف موقت سایر رویدادها، بودجه آنها را در یکی از بی‌پول‌ترین سال‌های دولت در دو دهه اخیر، صرف نمایشگاه کند تا بیش از پیش به اقتصاد شرکت‌ها کمک کند. درواقع اگر تا سال گذشته رویکرد بنیاد رشد کمی و کیفی بازی‌ها و توسعه صادرات با برگزاری رویدادهای علمی و تجاری بود، امسال تلاش برای رونق بازار در دستور کار قرار گرفته است که به نظر می‌رسد با وضعیت فعلی جامعه مطابقت دارد.   در همین رابطه حسن کریمی مدیرعامل بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای از احیای نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی پس از پنج سال وقفه در فصل پاییز خبر داد.   به گزارش روابط عمومی بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای براساس برنامه‌ریزی‌های انجام شده و تغییرات گسترده‌ای که در برنامه‌های امسال بنیاد ایجاد شده است، با بهره‌گیری از ظرفیت‌های بخش خصوصی نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی که یکی از پرمخاطب‌ترین نمایشگاه‌های عمومی کشور براساس آمار و ارقام بود مجددا برگزار می‌شود. در حال حاضر فصل پاییز و ماه آبان به‌عنوان زمان برگزاری این رویداد انتخاب شده است.   کریمی در همین رابطه گفت: برگزاری رویدادهای بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای در سال ۹۸ طی چندین جلسه‌‌ سیاست‌گذاری با حضور نماینده بازی‌سازان مورد بازبینی قرار گرفته‌اند. به همین جهت باتوجه به بودجه و همچنین اولویت‌های موجود که وضعیت اقتصادی و بهبود وضعیت تولید در کشور است، به مدت یک سال رویداد‌های تی‌جی‌سی، کنفرانس تحقیقات بازی‌های دیجیتال و جشنواره بازی‌های ویدیویی ایران متوقف خواهند شد. البته بهره‌گیری از اساتید خارجی که در تی‌جی‌سی اتفاق می‌افتاد را بنا داریم در طی سال و با دعوت از این اساتید ادامه دهیم.   وی ادامه داد: برگزاری نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی مطالبه‌ی بخش عمده‌ای از بازی‌سازان بود چرا که مخاطب را با مستقیما به بازی‌سازان متصل می‌کند و می‌تواند منجر به بازاریابی و جذب مخاطب برای بازی‌های داخلی شود. سعی خواهیم کرد با مشارکت بخش خصوصی و درآمدزایی‌های حاصل از رویداد، کم‌ترین بودجه ممکن را به برگزاری این رویداد اختصاص دهیم.   مدیرعامل بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای تاکید کرد: نخستین اولویت ما در سال جاری، حمایت گسترده‌تر از بازی‌سازان و تولیدکنندگان داخلی است تا در شرایط سخت اقتصادی بتوانند به فعالیت و تولید محصولات خود ادامه دهند. به همین دلیل بخش زیادی از هزینه‌های سال گذشته را قطع یا کاهش دادیم و به بودجه‌ی حمایتی بنیاد اضافه کرده‌ایم. به‌زودی شرح برنامه‌های بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای در سال ۹۸ را نیز اعلام عمومی خواهیم کرد.   لازم به ذکر است نمایشگاه بازی‌های ویدیویی در سال‌های ۹۰، ۹۱ و ۹۲ در مصلی تهران و همزمان با جشنواره بازی‌های ویدیویی ایران برگزار و با استقبال میلیونی مخاطبان مواجه می‌شد.
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Tiffany Opens Concept Store in Tokyo’s Center of Youth Culture

پی سی نیوز - جمعه, 04/19/2019 - 17:07

Tiffany Gets Catty: Tiffany & Co. opened a new concept store in Tokyo Friday, the first of its kind in Japan. Unlike the upscale locales of many of its other stores, this one is located between the youth centers of Shibuya and Harajuku, on what is known as Cat Street. A pedestrian thoroughfare that is a popular shopping destination, the street is mainly home to outdoor and athletic brand stores, used clothing shops and stores dedicated to lower-priced diffusion lines of luxury brands.

The Tiffany store occupies an entire building with 5,059 square feet of floor space spread across six split levels. Its design and displays show whimsy and creativity, all while relying on only two colors: white and Tiffany blue.

Just inside the entrance is a vending machine selling perfumes, the lower level has two instant customization corners where customers can get their own drawings or messages engraved onto jewelry and immediately take it home, and there is a permanent Tokyo-themed photo booth. The top level has Japan’s first Tiffany café, a casual eatery based on a retro American diner, complete with vinyl booth seating and hot dogs on the menu. A spokesman for the brand said that while the company is not targeting a specific customer group, it expects the store to attract many younger visitors, not least because of its location and fun, open atmosphere.

“At most jewelry stores the staff are behind a counter, which can feel quite intimidating for customers,” the spokesman said. “But this store is designed so that staff can mingle with the customers and help them in a more open, inviting way.”

To celebrate the opening of the store, which will be in the location for three years, Tiffany has released a series of exclusive pendants. Engraved with the location’s unique logo, which combines a cat head with an at symbol, the pendants will not be available anywhere else in the world.

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افشای نخستین مشخصات پلی‌استیشن 5 توسط سونی

ایتنا- کمپانی سونی بالاخره برخی از جزئیات پلی‌استیشن 5 را افشا کرد. حافظه داخلی این کنسول از نوع SSD خواهد بود و از سیستم ردیابی اشعه پشتیبانی می‌کند.
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Ones to Watch: Jeu Illimité Launches Denim

پی سی نیوز - جمعه, 04/19/2019 - 05:48

Since 2012, Jessie Andrews has launched four Insta-famous brands across a variety of categories including jewelry (Bagatiba), swimwear (Basic Swim), skin care (Petiue) and ready-to-wear (Jeu Illimité). Today, Andrews expands her empire with the launch of denim for Jeu Illimité, offering two vintage-inspired, high-waisted jeans made from deadstock denim.

While Andrews does not have any “formal training” in design, she described her interest in fashion stemming from her days as a model, most notoriously for her days at American Apparel, but also recently having walked Roberta Einer’s fall and spring 2019 London shows. The designer’s background has included wearing a multitude of hats in front of and behind the camera, but her primary focus now is sustainably focused designer and chief executive officer.

“No formal training,” she remarked over the phone. “I kind of love that because I think of Virgil [Abloh]. He didn’t have formal fashion training, he came from architecture. If you care about something, it’s almost more important having passion about fashion than learning all the tedious training.…I learn so much about washing fabric, more than I’ve probably ever learned. I’m having real-life experience with this. Learning and having mistakes.…I’m literally at my knitter right now picking up sweaters.”

Speaking to all of her brands, Andrews expressed, “the older I get, the more passionate I get about sustainability and exclusivity.” When it comes to year-and-a-half-old brand Jeu Illimité, sustainability to the designer means using deadstock and vintage fabrics for her designs, instead of designing new fabrics, which are produced locally in Los Angeles and offered in limited quantities. In addition, the line’s direct-to-consumer web site has offered full transparency on its easy, cool-girl staples such as blazers, graphic Ts, dresses, accessories and more through listing the limited available quantities with fabric information. Denim is no exception; citing both styles as sourced in Los Angeles, her black deadstock denim originated from Mexico and blue from Taiwan.

For the designer, sustainability and exclusivity go hand-in-hand. “I don’t want to create another brand just to create another brand. Each of them has a reason.” Jeu Illimité includes small batch wardrobe staples that Andrews herself wants to wear, citing herself as a “consumer” as much as “designer.” Per style, a run of 30 tank tops, five specialty sweaters or 60 dresses (across varying sizes) could exist on the brand’s site at one time.

Limiting the quantity of each piece — whether it’s color, print, silhouette or size — gives an exclusive allure to the item while cutting down on overproduction and waste. Andrews is also conscious about pricing — a majority of her rtw and accessories ranges from $100 to $220, with some tanks and Ts in the lower $80s with specialty, 10 of 10, novelty sweaters up to $520.

“I want sustainability to be accessible to people, but also exclusive. I don’t want to see everyone in the same dress…like a Coachella situation,” she remarked, adding: “No brand is perfect, but taking that initiative and first step towards being sustainable; you’ve got to make sustainability cool.”

Andrews’ denim offering is certainly cool, but still timeless. “I wanted to make a classic jean I could wear every day, but I could also wear in two sizes bigger and it be a baggy boyfriend jean. I made it that way, it could be dual-wear.” The vintage-inspired jeans are high-waisted, no-stretch, 100 percent cotton, and are offered at $220, with a run of 150 of each color (black and classic blue), spaced out between sizes 25 to 30, on the brand’s web site. The designer also placed a few styles in her Los Angeles pop-up.

Customizing the perfect “worn look” — whiskering around the crotch, the perfect wash and fit — while adding her own special details — custom-brushed metal buttons and a debossed leather back patch were all important processes Andrews learned and customized throughout the process.

“Once this denim run runs out, I’ll reproduce but with another dead-stock denim, so it won’t be the exact same denim. That goes back into the exclusivity…it’ll always be a little different. Maybe the color will be a bit off — I’m trying to get it almost exact — but that’s the variation when you’re getting a unique piece.”

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Ozwald Boateng to Debut First Women’s Collection in New York

پی سی نیوز - جمعه, 04/19/2019 - 05:48

NEW YORK CALLING: Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng will hit New York on May 5 with an immersive fashion experience at the Apollo theater in Harlem, showcasing the brand’s women’s collection.

The show will be a celebration of culture, diversity, music, history and fashion and mark the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance, “starting with a short film on Africanism, and guiding us into the future of artificial intelligence,” according to the company.

VIPs within sports and entertainment are expected to appear at the former Givenchy designer’s runway show, the brand added.

Boateng, whose parents immigrated to the U.K. in the Fifties, was the youngest designer of African descent to open a business on London’s Savile Row. He founded his company in 1995, and was part of a new bespoke movement that catapulted him to international recognition.

Known for his bright flashes of color and twist on classic British tailoring, his brand offers in-store bespoke services as well as ready-to-wear men’s wear and items such as ties, shirts and knitwear.

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نسخه تمام دیجیتال اکس باکس وان S به زودی عرضه می‌شود

اخبار فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات - چهارشنبه, 04/17/2019 - 09:03
ایتنا- به نظر می‌رسد که شایعات پیرامون ساخت کنسول بازی اکس باکس وان تمام دیجیتال واقعی باشند و قرار است که این دستگاه بدون دیسک‌خوان و با حافظه 1 ترابایتی در اروپا عرضه شود.
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Devastating Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Rocks Fashion World

پی سی نیوز - س., 04/16/2019 - 17:07

A catastrophic fire took hold of the Notre Dame Cathedral, one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks on Monday.

The blaze set off on Monday afternoon and continued to rage throughout the evening. Thousands of onlookers in the City of Light watched from the bridges and sidewalks as the building’s famed spire, which painted the Paris cityscape for more than 800 years, collapsed into the flames. No casualties have been reported and there has been no cause for the fire cited at press time. The 14th-century French Gothic building, with its pointed arches, intimidating gargoyles and rose windows was immortalized in film and literature, most notably in Victor Hugo’s classic novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Designers and dozens of members of the fashion industry have taken to their social media feeds in tribute to the French landmark. See their posts here:


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Mossimo Giannulli, Lori Loughlin Plead Not Guilty in College Admissions Scandal

پی سی نیوز - س., 04/16/2019 - 17:07

Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin are pleading not guilty.

The fashion designer and “Full House” actress have requested to enter a plea of not guilty for their alleged crimes in the college admissions scandal that broke last month, according to court documents from the U.S. District Court for the district of Massachusetts.

The couple is pleading not guilty to the initial charges of committing mail fraud, wire fraud and honest services fraud and the charge of money laundering that was filed last week by prosecutors. For both charges, the couple faces a maximum of 40 years each in prison.

Giannulli and Loughlin are waiving their right to appear in court for the arraignment and have filed their plea via court documents through their attorney. It is unclear if the judge will accept the couple’s plea without them present in court.

The couple is being charged for paying up to $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters, influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli — who has lost many of her brand partnerships, including a palette collaboration with Sephora and influencer deals with Estée Lauder, TRESemmé and more — and Isabella Rose Giannulli, accepted as crew recruits at the University of Southern California. Giannulli and Loughlin are among roughly 50 other parents charged in the scandal.

Last week, actress Felicity Huffman — who paid $15,000 in bribes to increase her daughter’s SAT score — and 12 other parents involved in the scandal pled guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. A sentencing date for Huffman has not yet been set.

After passing up on this plea, Giannulli, Loughlin and the remaining parents involved in the scandal were faced with an additional charge of money laundering, which has significantly increased their likelihood of going to prison for their alleged crimes.

Read more on the college admissions scandal here:

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Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty in College Admissions Scandal

WATCH: Fashion Industry Insiders Share the Worst Career Advice They’ve Heard

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برایان فارگو با ویستلند ۲ به بازار ایران می‌آید

ایتنا - بازی ویست‌لند ۲ از آی‌جی‌ان (IGN) نمره بالای ۸.۴ را گرفته است و لیف‌ جانسون، تحلیل‌گر این وب،سایت این بازی را خارق‌العاده دانست و داستان‌نویسی و روایت آن را تحسین کرد.
دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات

برایان فارگو با ویستلند ۲ به بازار ایران باز می‌آید

ایتنا - بازی ویست‌لند ۲ از آی‌جی‌ان (IGN) نمره بالای ۸.۴ را گرفته است و لیف‌ جانسون، تحلیل‌گر این وب،سایت این بازی را خارق‌العاده دانست و داستان‌نویسی و روایت آن را تحسین کرد.
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Louis Vuitton Partners With Moda Operandi’s Santo Domingo on Digital Film

پی سی نیوز - د., 04/15/2019 - 17:07

Louis Vuitton and Lauren Santo Domingo, cofounder and chief brand officer of Moda Operandi, are collaborating on a digital film showcasing the French house’s iconic Capucines bags.

The editorial short film follows Santo Domingo through her day in New York, highlighting the versatility of the Capucines. It shows her working on her computer and sipping coffee on her terrace, commuting to work and hailing a cab, making decisions about fabric swatches, going to a restaurant for lunch and dressing up and going out at night — each time wearing a different Capucines bag. Seven bags are featured. She’s also dressed in Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2019.

This is the first time Santo Domingo has partnered with a fashion house on a campaign.

Moda Operandi clients and their personal stylists will have direct access to Louis Vuitton sales teams to purchase the Capucines bags. The retail price of the bags range from $4,750 to $7,450.

“The Moda client has always had an appetite for luxury. She is also technologically adept, and looks for the path between iconic heritage brands like Louis Vuitton and modern e-commerce. My job is to forge that path, connecting the Moda woman with the products I love — like the Capucines — while honoring the long-standing values of our partners. This campaign and partnership achieves that,” said Santo Domingo.

The film, which launches today, will appear on Louis Vuitton’s social platforms (Instagram, YouTube,) as well as Moda Operandi and Santo Domingo’s social platforms.

To view the film: https://youtu.be/T-7Ur8Ut3MA



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Bulgari Reveals Two Movies for 2019 Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Celestial’ and ‘The 4th Wave’

پی سی نیوز - د., 04/15/2019 - 17:07

THE SEVENTH ART: Bulgari owes a lot to the film industry.

That’s according to chief executive officer Jean-Christophe Babin who, speaking on a recent afternoon from the Bulgari offices in New York, said movies played a huge role in contributing to the company’s popularity in the Sixties and Seventies.

“We were a tiny family company then,” he explained. “Actors and producers from the U.S. came to Rome, spent months here and discovered the store on Via Dei Condotti. It was a side they’d never seen before, made of contrast, of volume, Cabochon — it totally defined the new rules of jewelry.”

Bulgari’s wares — which actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone coveted — created a style which established contact between the Hollywood community working on movies at Cinecittà Studios in Rome. Word of mouth gradually drove the global development of the company.

It makes sense, then, that Bulgari would participate in the realm of filmmaking today. For 2019, the brand is continuing this tradition of working alongside the arts as artisans, as the official jeweler of the Tribeca Film Festival, Bulgari has partnered with Tribeca Studios on two short films — part of their multiyear series highlighting trailblazing women working in predominantly male fields. “Celestial,” made by filmmaker Rosier Haber, is a movie centered around director and technologist Eliza McNitt, who’s creating a virtual reality installation called “Spheres” for her grandparents. Director Savanah Leaf’s “The 4th Wave” examines the Italian pop and rap star Alessandra Prete, also known as Priestess — whose grandmother encouraged her to follow her dreams of making it in the music business.

The theme of family ties neatly into Bulgari’s history, Babin said, noting with a laugh that he was inside the office of Nicola Bulgari — the grandson of Bulgari founder Sotirios — at that very moment.

“The two stories are modern on one end, but very connected to family and tradition,” he added. “We live in an [increasingly] virtual and somehow personalized world, where technology occasionally looks overwhelming and like [it’s] not only establishing the pace but also, somehow, ordering the world. Those two movies address these major changes as ways of discovering the world and rebalancing this world of VR and modernity together with something very basic, simple — the respect for your family.”

The films will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, which runs from April 24 to May 5. One day before the festival, Bulgari and Vanity Fair are cohosting a cocktail party and panel discussion surrounding “The 4th Wave” and “Celestial” at Spring Studios.

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مدیرعامل و رئیس هییت مدیره فاکسکان برای تزریق خون تازه به این شرکت استعفا می‌دهد!

    به گزارش رویترز، تری Gou، رئیس هیات‌مدیره و مدیر عامل فکسکان، در نظر دارد تا در ماه‌های آتی کناره‌گیری کند تا بگه خود بتواند خون تازه ای در هدایت این شرکت به آن تزریق کند.   به گزارش گروه اخبار خارجی آژانس خبری فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات (ایستنا)، این مدیر ۶۹ ساله قصد دارد تا خود را از عملیات‌ها و ترافیک های روزانه در این شرکت خلاص کند، اما همچنان در تصمیمات مربوط به "مسیر اصلی" این شرکت درگیر خواهد بود. حرکت او منوط به تایید مدیران دیگر است و رسما در یک جلسه سهامداران اعلام خواهد شد.   جایگزین‌های بالقوه او لو سونگ، که هدایت بخش اتصال الکترونیکی و اپتیک بخش تجارت، Foxconn Interconnect Technology را هدایت می کند.   Foxconn یکی از بزرگ‌ترین تولید کنندگان اپل است و یکی از بزرگ‌ترین تولیدکنندگان لوازم الکترونیک مصرفی در دنیاست است که در سراسر جهان به فروش می‌رسد.   Gou این شرکت را در سال ۱۹۷۴ در تایوان به عنوان "شرکت پلاستیک Hai" تاسیس کرد و از آن زمان دامنه کار این شرکت، به ساخت قطعات برای طیف وسیعی از وسایل الکترونیکی دیگر در سراسر جهان گسترش‌یافته است.   اگرچه بازار این شرکت بسیار گسترده است، اما رویترز تخمین می‌زند که بیش از نیمی از درآمد سالانه آن از اپل ناشی می‌شود.   Gou براساس آخرین گزارش سالانه خود در ژوئن ۲۰۱۸ به طور مستقیم ۴ / ۴ درصد از سهام شرکت را به خود اختصاص داده‌است.
دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات

سرمایه‌گذاری هنگفت اپل در صنعت بازی

ایتنا - ​​​​​​​شنیده‌ها حاکی از آن است که اپل قصد دارد به منظور توسعه سرویس اختصاصی بازی اپل آرکید بالغ بر ۵۰۰ میلیون دلار هزینه و سرمایه‌گذاری کند.
دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات

سرمایه گذاری نیم میلیارد دلاری اپل برای تولید بازی‌های ویدئویی

شرکت اپل که مانند گوگل به طور جدی بر روی راه اندازی خدمات بازی‌های ویدئویی تحت وب یا استریم سرمایه گذاری کرده برای تولید بازی‌های محبوب ۵۰۰ میلیون دلار هزینه می‌کند.   به گزارش مهر به نقل از دیجیتال ترندز، این خدمات که از طریق اشتراک اینترنتی در دسترس قرار می‌گیرد Arcade نام دارد و سرمایه گذاری کم سابقه اپل بر روی آن از اهمیت مقوله بازی‌های ویدئویی برای این شرکت خبر می‌دهد.   با اختصاص این بودجه بیش از ۱۰۰ بازی برای سرویس مذکور طراحی می‌شود. نکته جالب این است که اپل برای سرویس پخش ویدئویی جدید تی وی پلاس خود یک میلیارد دلار هزینه کرده و این در حالی است که با توجه به هزینه‌های بالای تولید فیلم و سریال انتظار می‌رفت این رقم فراتر از یک میلیارد دلار باشد.   اپل همچنین اعلام کرده اگر برنامه نویسان و توسعه دهندگان بازی‌های ویدئویی، این بازی‌ها را تنها برای استفاده بر روی سرویس Arcade طراحی کنند، از تشویق‌های مادی نیز بهره مند می‌شوند.   تمامی بازی‌های Arcade تنها از طریق آیفون و آی پد قابل اجرا بوده و به هیچ وجه در فروشگاه پلی استور گوگل عرضه نمی‌شوند و این امر نشان دهنده رقابت شدید گوگل و اپل در این زمینه است. البته ممکن است این بازی‌ها برای اجرا بر روی سایر کنسول‌ها مانند پلی استیشن، ایکس باکس، نینتندو و غیره تولید شوند.   انتظار می‌رود درآمد سرویس Arcade از ۳۷۰ میلیون دلار در سال ۲۰۲۰ به ۲.۷ میلیارد دلار در سال ۲۰۲۲ و ۴.۵ میلیارد دلار در سال ۲۰۲۴ برسد. هزینه هر ماه استفاده از خدمات Arcade برابر با ۱۲.۹۹ دلار است.
دسته‌ها: فناوری اطلاعات